How To Dress For A Job Interview

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When you walk into your job interview, you’ve got one shot to impress. Your potential employer is going to be looking at your confidence, what you know, and the way you look. How you dress for an interview effects the way you feel, and the way you look! Here’s how to dress for an interview to make sure you get that position!

1. What's The Setting?

If you’re interviewing in a work environment like a law firm or financial company: Wear a suit or a blazer. If you’re working somewhere casual like a restaurant or retail store, then a nice button down is appropriate. If in doubt, review the workplace’s dress-code policy. There’s not a one-size fits all rule in dressing for an interview.

2. No Stains

If you have an afternoon interview, don’t eat leftover pizza for breakfast. Stains look sloppy, so it’s important to look yourself over before arriving, and stay away from anything that could spill.

3. Wrinkle-Free

Even if you think you can’t see any wrinkles in your clothes, iron them anyway. If you show up with wrinkles on your clothes, you may not be taken as seriously.

4. Dress Comfortably

Wear something you’re going to feel good in. Clothing should always enhance your life and not add discomfort.

5. Shoes+Belt=Match

The #1 rule in men’s fashion is the belt to shoes rule. If your shoes are brown, then you must wear a brown belt to compliment them. This rule goes for any color.

6. Arrive Well Groomed

It’s easy to spend so much time focused on what you’re going to wear, that you forget the basics. If you need to shave, make sure you handle that before getting dressed. Keep your fingernails short as hands are commonly noticed in interviews that are done in a desk/table setting.

7. Go Light On The Cologne

Wear the cologne that makes you feel the most confident, but don’t dowse yourself with it. It can be distracting for the person interviewing you. You want the interviewer to be completely focused on your appearance, and on what you’re saying.

8. Stick To Solid Colors

Avoid dressing in plaid or stripes. The best look for the business setting is always solid color clothing.

9. Shiny Shoes

Having your shoes shined is just one of the finishing touches to your outfit. You’ll stand out just a little more!

10. Don't Wear White Socks

Socks should be low-key. You want your shoes to be the first thing that’s noticed. When a white sock shows up, it brings the attention to the sock, and it makes the whole outfit appear less stylish.

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