15 Topics You Should Skip On The First Date

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The first date is the time to leave the best first impression you possibly can.  Some people blow their chances on the first date just by talking about the wrong things. 

Avoid these 15 topics as much as possible to keep your first date from being your last date…

1. Finances

Don’t talk about finances on the first date. There are a lot of gold-diggers out there, and you don’t want to end up with the person that’s going to leave you with half. 

2. Politics

Never assume that your date shares the same political views as you do!  While the media makes it seem like there is a perfect divide between the left and the right defined by race and sexual preference, there are many people that don’t agree with what may seem like the most sensible political viewpoint to you. 

 If you start bashing a political candidate, that may very well turn your first date, into your last. 

3. Family Background

The first date should be light; It’s just to get to know the person and to determine if you enjoy spending your time with them or not. It can be too much for some people when you go diving into your family’s upbringing and origins. 

4. Marriage

This word is strictly forbidden on the first date. Unless you are disclosing that you are currently married to someone, don’t ever say the word; Your date may lose their appetite. 

5. Sex

You don’t want your date to think that you’re only on a date with them to hook upIf you are, this information should be discussed and agreed upon before arriving to the date. 

Avoid this topic as it is intimidating, and can make you come off the wrong way. 

6. Your Ex

Your date doesn’t want to hear you complain about you ex, and they definitely don’t want to be compared to your ex.

Your ex is an ex for a reason, your first date with someone new is a perfect time for you to move on. 

7. Secrets

Everyone has that one person they share all secrets with, so if you decide to spill the beans with something personal, be ready for their best friend, sister, brother, or mom-and-dad to hear exactly what you said. 

If one person knows, everybody knows!

8. Drama

One of the most unattractive qualities a man can have is to be dramatic.  No-one cares about the drama happening with your family, or the drama going on at work. 

If all you talk about is drama, people will avoid you just to avoid all your drama. Stay positive!

9. Prescriptions

Your date doesn’t need to know that you have a condition that requires medication. Unless you have a condition that effects your ability to be a serious romantic partner, don’t talk about it until the time is right.

10. Complaints About The Waiter Or Bartender

Complaining about the service can make you come off as rude, and it’s very embarrassing to sit across the table from someone that’s complaining to the waiter, bartender, or manager. 

Even if you waiter is awful, practice patience and stay positive.   

11. Physical Preferences

Never tell a woman what you physically prefer from your intimate partners—Even if they have the qualities you’re attracted too. 

This is a quick way to make your date feel insecure, and they may distance themselves from you to avoid rejection. 

12. Work

Work can be a very boring topic unless you do something exciting for a living. If you have a standard job that wouldn’t seem too exciting to other people, talk about work very lightly and move on to something more interesting.  

13. Your Date's Height And Weight

Height and weight are one of the most common insecurities for people.  Avoid this topic altogether. 

14. Complaints In General

Just don’t complain! A positive attitude is very attractive and will make you come off as someone that’s well-equipped for life.  

15. Your Pets (For More Than 5 Minutes)

Showing your date a cute picture of your dog or cat is actually a great conversation starter, and can promote a great bond between the two of you, if you have the same love for animals. 

Don’t spend 20 minutes talking about the medicine your dog takes, or the amount of hair you have to vacuum up from your cat. 

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