11 Tips For A Smoother Shave

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Whether you’re lining up your beard or you’re keeping your face smooth, shaving should be an enjoyable experience that makes you feel clean. If you follow these tips when you shave, your skin will feel happy and healthy every time!

1. Not Too Hot

Don’t wash your face with water that’s too hot before shaving. This can cause irritation. Instead, rinse your skin with lukewarm water.

2. Wake Up First

Your face is puffy when you first wake up. It’s important to wait 10-15 minutes before shaving to avoid cuts and irritation.

3. Put The Can In The Can

Throw away any shaving cream that comes out of a can! Aerosol cans have chemicals that can cause irritation. Get yourself a shaving cream out of a bottle instead. You’ll thank me later!

4. Pre-Shave Oil Will Change Your Life

“Shaving just got easier”. Well it’s been easier, but not a lot of people know about pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oil will give you a smoother shave and a fresher feel every time!

5. Keep Your Blade Sharp

The sharper the blade, the closer the shave. Change your razor blade every 1-2 weeks.

6. Moisturizer Instead Of Aftershave

Aftershaves can have a lot of irritating chemicals in them. If you have sensitive skin, consider using a face moisturizer instead of a scented aftershave.

7. Steam

The best time to shave is after a nice warm shower. The steam will prime your skin and make your shave a much more pleasant experience.

8. Take Your Time

Shave in short strokes. If you shave too quickly, you increase your chances of cutting yourself or missing hair.

9. Shave With The Grain First

A lot of men believe you can’t shave against the grain, but this is not true. It’s okay to shave against the grain, as long as you shave with the grain first.

10. Avoid Blemishes

Any bumps or pimples on the face should be taken note of prior to shaving. To avoid cutting yourself, wait for the blemish to heal before shaving over that area. If you must shave that area, do so with a single blade, carefully.

11. Use A Single Blade

The smoothest shave you’ll ever experience is done with a single blade. Too many razors on the skin at once can cause irritation. If you have a razor with multiple blades, consider switching to a straight razor or a safety razor. Remember to pull the skin taught while shaving with a straight blade.

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