10 Ways To Stop Your Kids From Stressing You Out

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10 Ways To Stop Your Kids From Stressing You Out

Are your kids running around, screaming, and just driving you insane? The answer is probably yes. Especially if your kids are at that energetic age when it just doesn’t seem to stop. You’re dealing with what every parent has to go through at some point during their child’s adolescence. 

So what do we do with our kids to keep them from making us so stressed out?

Well, besides punishing them for their bad behavior, there are 10 interesting ways to keep your kids from driving you crazy that you could start experimenting with today! 

1. Take A Break

Before you reach your breaking point, the best thing for you to do may just be to create distance from your kids for a few minutes. 

You can do this by either leaving the house to go for a quick walk, or by spending a few minutes in your bedroom or office space with the door locked. 

2. Talk To Other Parents

While your kids are in school, its important for you to build relationships with the other parents. The chances are, the other parents are under just as much stress as you are, and they would love to call you up and vent. 

Sometimes, just knowing that someone else is dealing with the same problems as you can lift a big weight off your shoulders. 

3. Focus On The Good

If you’re constantly finding yourself angry with your kids, this may be because you’re so focused on their behavior, that you’re forgetting about how much joy they bring you when they are behaving themselves. 

As soon as you wake up in the morning, try saying some positive affirmations out loud, or write them in a journal. 

-I love my kids because…
-My kids make me happy when…
-My favorite activity to do with my kids is…

4. Get To Bed Earlier

Studies have shown for years that people are more irritable when they’re not getting enough sleep. 

If you’re waking up in the morning after sleeping for only 5 hours or so, you’re probably going to be in a bad mood already. 

If you’re able to, try going to bed a few hours earlier. This way you can wake up earlier, before your kids are even up, and enjoy that quiet time to start your day off with a calm and collected mind. 

The Secrets To A Good Night’s Sleep

5. Teach Kids How To Sort Out Their Differences

One of the most frustrating things a parent has to do is to be the mediator of every problem. 

When kids start fighting with each other over toys, food, the television, etc., they tend to come get mom or dad to settle the problem. 

The best way to get your kids to stop doing this is to punish both of them, if you have to get involved. You could say “Okay, now no-one gets the toy”. They will eventually realize that telling on each other doesn’t earn either of them what they were arguing over in the first place. 

6. Send Them To Timeout (With Things To Do)

When your kids are misbehaving, sometimes the best move you can make is to have them spend some time alone. 

Normally when a child goes to timeout, its a punishment; The child is expected to sit there quietly with nothing to do. While this strategy might work well for you, this may not work for a parent who’s child continuously asks if they can come out of timeout. 

Consider sending your child to their room for a little while and allow them to play a game, or anything that might keep them busy… as long as they do it in their room. This may give you the peace and quiet you need while your child is occupied and out of your hair. 

7. Send Them To A Relative's For The Weekend

As a parent, you have to know when to ask for help. If you have relatives that live a reasonable distance away, ask them if they’d be able to watch your children for the weekend while you enjoy some time to yourself. 

8. Sign Them Up For After-School Activities

Sending your kids to an after-school program buys you a little extra time to yourself in the evenings. This also works great for parents that work late during the day and have a hard time picking their kids up from school on time. 

Consider signing your kids up for self-defense classes, swimming lessons, or a sports team. This will give your kids the opportunity to be more social, exert energy, and could teach them some valuable life skills.

9. Reduce Your Kid's Sugar Intake

Sugar is a stimulant and if your kids have too much of it, they’re going to be bouncing off the walls. Reducing their sugar intake will keep their energy at a natural level, which may make a huge difference with how much stress they cause you. 

-Kids aged 7-10 should have no more than 24 grams of sugar per day. 

-Kids aged 4-6 should have no more than 19 grams of sugar per day. 

10. Give Your Child A Game To Play

One of the most effective ways you can keep your kids from stressing you out is to give them something to do. Kids like to have fun, so if you want them to stay occupied with whatever it is they’re doing, get them a game they really enjoy that allows each child a turn to play. 

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