10 Style Tips For All Men

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The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little extra. Here are a few extra things you can do to add some flair to the way you dress.

1) Stop Wearing Graphic T-Shirts

Unless you’re going to see a movie, don’t wear graphic t-shirts. Wear a solid color.

2) Wear Jewelry

Watches are not only extremely handy, but they are a key staple to every man’s attire.

3) Stay In Season

Earthy tones in the fall, blues and grays in the winter, etc.

4) Overdress

There’s no shame in being best dressed in the room. This doesn’t mean wear a tuxedo to a football game, but don’t be afraid to dress up a little when you go out.

5) Don't Wear A Backpack

If you haven’t dropped the backpack yet, it’s time. Get yourself a briefcase or messenger bag. 

6) Sunglasses Are Crucial

Sunglasses add to your style as soon as you put them on, don’t forget them!

7) Wear Clothes That Compliment Your Form

Dressing up in tight clothes for that six pack you want doesn’t give you a six pack. Dress up for the form you have, and not the form you want.

8) Try Before You Buy

Anything you buy, you should try on first. Especially when buying higher end dress clothing. You don’t want to be that guy with the baggy suit.

9) Try A New Shoe Color

Yes, black shoes are always the correct choice. However, adding some color to your wardrobe will surely put some flair on your look. Consider bringing home some blue, gray, or even red shoes.

10) Always Wear A Belt or Suspenders

A belt is an accessory, not a necessity. Make sure your pants fit, and never wear suspenders with a belt. It’s one or the other.

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