10 Qualities Women Find Attractive That You Probably Didn’t Know

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Qualities women find attractive

Growing up, you may have heard people say that men and women feel attraction differently. Some say that men are more visual when it comes to finding a partner, while women focus more on behavioral traits. The truth is, a person’s sex does not define their romantic preferences. There are women out there that are very visual that will fall for a man with the crystal blue eyes, just as there are men that will fall for a strong and independent woman.

Attraction is a collection of contributing factors that go far beyond measurement. Many people put hours-and-hours of work into their physical appearance, but completely neglect improving the rest of what makes them beautiful. 

In this article, we are strictly focusing on behavioral improvements that will make a man more attractive. Being an attractive man goes far beyond what you look like. The way a person acts on a daily basis is what really sets apart an attractive gentleman, from the man that just doesn’t care. 

1. Being Supportive

Being supportive is easily one of the most attractive qualities a man can have. If you support someones goals, support them while they make progress toward those goals, and if you are emotionally supportive, this creates a great deal of trust between you and the person you’re interested in. 

Don’t just tell her that you’ve got her back, show her in every way you can. 

2. The Ability To Enjoy The Present Moment

When you spend time with her, let time slow down. Try not to spend too much time worrying about where you parked, what time you have to leave, or work the next day. Instead, bring as much of your attention to her, and to the environment you’re in, as you can.

People bond through experiences, so if you can build up several memorable experiences with someone, it is very likely that they will feel a great deal of attraction toward you in time. 


3. Taking Rejection Like A Gentleman

Most of us know how painful rejection can be on our egos, and this stops many of us from asking out the people we’re interested in because, we’re scared of rejection. 

So what if you gather up the courage to ask her out, and she says no? 

Then be a gentlemen and respond respectfully. Thank her for her honesty and politeness, and remain vulnerable. 

The truth is, if you handle rejection in a respectable manner, she might tell all her friends how mature and respectful you are – increasing your reputation and attractiveness, or she may just even change her mind down the road and give that date a second thought. 

4. Being Approachable

A woman might find you extremely attractive, and still not approach you to start up a conversation. 

Maybe you work together and whenever she sees you, you always look too busy. Or maybe she thinks that if you were interested in her, you would’ve said something to her already. 

There are millions of reasons for a conversation not to happen. So if you’re interested in someone, create one reason for that conversation to happen. Someone that is socially available is very attractive. 

5. Selflessness

One of the most attractive qualities a man can have is selflessness. This doesn’t mean giving up everything in your life that makes you happy for other people, it just means compromise. 

If your friend needs a ride home, but you’re in the mood to go home and play video games, put your friend first and give him/her a ride home. 

Everyone wants to be around someone that cares about other people, and who has a good heart. 

6. Being Kind Towards Strangers

Don’t just hold the door for the person you’re trying to impress, hold the door for the people behind her too. Treating strangers with respect makes you come off as secure, respectable, and powerful.

7. Someone Who Doesn't Project Their Insecurities

99% of us have insecurities, and that is okay. We’re all human, which means none of us are perfect. 

Our insecurities must be acknowledged and dealt with in a healthy way. Never make them someone else’s problem. 

If you’ve been cheated on in the past, don’t punish the new person you’re with because of the last person’s mistake. Don’t get mad when she goes to hang out with friend’s and don’t invade her privacy. Always remember that if anyone cheats on you, it’s their loss, and that you’ll move on to someone better. 

8. Putting Effort Into Your Style

Putting a little effort into your style makes a big difference. Women find men that clean up nicely, extremely attractive. So if you don’t already, when you leave the house, make sure you’re dressed nicely for the occasion.

9. Well-Groomed

Most women are attracted to a man that takes care of themselves. Make sure you’re putting effort into keeping your eyebrows, nails, hair, and body, well-groomed and clean at all times. You don’t have to look perfect, but the effort you put into grooming will make all the difference. 

Here’s our guide to Managing Men’s Eyebrows and to the Men’s Skin-Care Routine.

10. Being Emotionally Present

If she is talking to you, then you should be listening. Especially if she’s talking to you about something of emotional importance, it’s crucial that you put your phone down, or anything else that could be distracting you from emotionally engaging in what she has to say. 

Being emotionally present is another way to bond with someone and create trust. 

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